Waste Management

Asset optimization solutions can efficiently manage and track roll off waste containers that are leased on construction sites. Other applications for the fast growing waste management industry include monitoring and tracking bins, containers, and heavy vehicles.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Actionable, Intelligent analytics is paramount for the smart supply chain. How to manage this smart data is also crucial for tracking high value assets in the field. Numerex has the know-how to help companies overcome these challenges.

Public Safety

In the area of corrections, probation and parole, governments, agencies and local law enforcement are looking for ways to track and monitor non-violent, minor offenders while avoiding the expense of incarceration.

Personal Safety

Lone workers and their companies benefit from wearable IoT solutions which enhance their safety in industries where employees work in hazardous environments or where safety can be compromised such as real estate, elder care, or virtually any workers operating alone in the field.

Oil & Gas

Tank monitoring solutions excel at monitoring fill levels of remote tanks, as well as managing and optimizing the delivery of bulk lubes and fuels products for distributors and their customers.


The transportation industry and government entities understand the need for IoT telematics for fleet tracking and driver behavior solutions to monitor their high value assets including trucks, vehicles, and people.

Emergency Management

Satellite solutions provide global managed services where cellular connectivity is spotty or absent for use cases like disaster relief assistance, asset tracking, and supply chain and logistics management.

Commercial & Residential Security

Keeping families, property, and assets safe and secure with reliable, wireless alarm communicators and home automation services is a promise that Uplink, a Numerex solution, has delivered for over 15 years.