Electronic Monitoring Success Stories

Omnilink, a Numerex Solution, is highly reliable and user-friendly, making it possible for you to run an effective and efficient electronic monitoring program, reducing costs to your department and improving ROI. Because our technology performs better than the rest in head-to-head comparisons, Numerex’s electronic monitoring solution, Omnilink, is the technology of choice for more than 750 agencies and why electronic monitoring service providers select Numerex most often.


I did a rigorous two week trial. I put the device on myself, my wife, others in the office—the technology never failed to identify exactly where we were. Within a week we had deployed devices on more than half of the offenders in our house arrest program. -Bill Delehanty, Clark County Superior Court

Omnilink Helps Eliminate Domestic Violence

Connecticut’s domestic violence program, using Numerex’s electronic monitoring technology, Omnilink, is one of the most comprehensive in the country. And it’s proving effective: No one in the test areas has been killed or injured since the program began in 2010. The keys to the program’s success are collaboration.

Omnilink Helps North Carolina Police Reduce Juvenile Recidivism

This North Carolina police department uses Omnilink’s electronic monitoring system as a preventative measure – a deterrent to juvenile recidivism. Learn how Charlotte-Mecklenburg is keeping one-time youthful offenders from slipping into a continuous cycle of crime and punishment.

Omnilink Helps North Carolina Agencies Decrease Jail Costs and Repeat Offenses

After Greensboro saw early success with electronic monitoring of repeat offenders, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office is wanting to get its own. Greensboro police currently monitor 30 people with ankle bracelets that are connected to GPS satellites.

Greensboro Police Department Reduces Repeat Offender Recidivism using Omnilink

Greensboro uses Omnilink's electronic monitoring to keep their recidivism rate at 3% in their target repeat offender population, as compared to the 67% national recidivism average. How do they do it? The Priority Offender program.

The solution is made up of the OM-400™ ankle bracelet and FocalPoint™ application software - all connected through the secure, wireless Numerex network.


Our devices capture the location and condition of people and things


Cellular networks transmit the information wirelessly to our software.


Our web-based mapping applications present the information beautifully.

Additional Services

We provide added services like technical support and live monitoring.